Why One to One?

Beginning in the Fall of 2013, Archbishop Curley implemented a 1:1 Apple iPad Program. All students are required to use an iPad daily, in both the classroom and at home. This 1:1 learning environment has enabled our faculty to integrate emerging technology into our students’ educational experience. With the immersion of the iPad into the daily curriculum, the classroom has shifted to a student-centered model. The 1:1 program seeks to develop in our Curley men the skills critical to success at both the collegiate and professional levels in the 21st Century. Critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to work collaboratively are some of the skills that are emphasized in an environment designed to stimulate creativity and innovation.

Tools & Applications

With the use of the iPad in the classroom, students and faculty have seen an increase in the ability of students to provide immediate feedback to their teachers, improved organization for studying and note-taking, and the opportunity for exploration at their fingertips. These ideals are cultivated through engagement with the following educational apps:

  • Google Classroom
  • E-textbooks
  • I-books
  • Microsoft Office & Web Apps
  • Interactive Lessons & Online Activities

Average Savings

As the 1:1 program continues to develop, our faculty has integrated technology into every aspect of the curriculum. Due to the downloading and use of e-textbooks on the iPad, students will rely less on traditional paper textbooks.  This, along with a grant from the Maryland State Department of Education for classroom technology, leads to significant financial savings for Curley families.